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A Simple One-Page Project Management Notion Template

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The world is full of complexity. In order to navigate our daily lives in this complexity, we need the skill of organizing.

Notion is arguably the best tool for this, but there is one fact that people have overlooked: simplicity.

It's ironic to create additional complexity to organize complexity, and various OS templates and dashboards are too heavy. So, I created a new solution.

One Page Templates


A Simple One-Page Project Management Notion Template:

  • Check the assignees, due dates, and status for each task.
  • Check the relevance of each task on the timeline.
  • You can check the list of tasks by status and easily figure out how many tasks are in each status.


Please visit my page and check out the simple templates for various purposes.

For Designers:

  • User Persona
  • User Journey Map
  • Mental Model Diagram
  • Portfolio (free!)

For Managers:

  • Task Evaluation
  • Project Management
  • Affinity Diagram (free!)

For Everyone:

  • Emotions Journal
  • Mandala Plan
  • Quick Memo (free!)
  • AI Travel Itinerary (NEW!)
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A Simple One-Page Notion Template

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A Simple One-Page Project Management Notion Template

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